We are in need of more volunteers for our sub-committees. If you are interested, please contact us at: admin@BrittanyParkCommunity.net We look forward to your ideas and participation, as our goal is to promote community unity and overall involvement.

We would like to thank the volunteers (LaChasity, Alicia, Kia, Mia, and Felicia) for the 2023 Christmas Decorations! They did a wonderful job making our community look festive.

So far we have two committees identified as priorities:

  1. Architectural / Parking
  2. Safety Committee / Neighborhood Watch

Please let us know which committee you would like to work on. Also, if there are specific committees that you like to recommend and volunteer for, please let us know that as well. Please send comments to admin@BrittanyParkCommunity.com.

Please NOTE: It is the expectation of the Brittany Park Home Owner’s Association, Inc. (HOA) that Committee Members are current on their HOA assessments (dues/fees) as part of the consideration for participation. Thank you in advance for your help and participation, and we look forward to working with you.

Best regards,

Brittany Park HOA, Inc. Board of Directors

Thank you!