Showcase Yard! 

On a monthly basis in the spring/summer, the ACC will choose a lawn that best typifies the qualities of uniqueness; beauty; appeal; as well as consistency with Brittany Park’s architecture, and have all installations within our ACC guidelines. Since the ACC will mainly deal with “curb appeal”, nominations will be for the front and side yards jointly, as well as the exterior of the house. The ACC will select a Yard of the Month during the first few days of each month (each month a different street will be selected). The winner will be provided with a decorative yard sign for display as well as a photo posted on our website. ACC heads the nominating committee. Residents may nominate a home for Yard of the Month, please send comments to

Architectural & Beautification (ACC)

This committee establishes standards and procedures that apply to any development, use, alteration, structure or natural growth on any lot or portion thereof which is in whole or in part contained within the boundaries of Brittany Park Community. To volunteer for this or any committee, send an e-mail to:


The focus of this committee is to keep neighbors informed of the latest happenings within their community. This committee is primarily responsible for the content and publication of our neighborhood newsletter the Brittany Park Gazette and any other flyers needed.


This committee establishes tutoring services for children in the community.


This committee establishes fitness activities for the community and keeps the community updated on current health-related news.

Neighborhood Watch

This is the eyes of our community and we urge everyone to participate in keeping our community safe from crime. Please report any suspicious activities to  To become a Block Captain, message this same e-mail address.


This committee is responsible for welcoming new neighbors to the community. They are also responsible for the planning of our monthly Meet & Greet events. This committee will occasionally work in conjunction with other committees such as Neighborhood Watch and other committees in the planning of social events and promotions. This committee also participates in decorating our community for the holidays.

Teen Committee

This committee coordinates events for our young people and oversees the annual Teen Swim Party. They may also sponsor fundraisers and other events in addition to outings to area movies, skate parks, and other places of interest.